Composer, Producer, Coder

Official soundtrack for LAZR, a retro cyberpunk platformer
Moods: eerie, frenetic, forlorn

Speculative soundtrack of trailer for Ooblets, a game about farming and collecting creatures.
Moods: playful, child-like, whimsical

Speculative soundtrack of trailer for game concept by Croa San
Moods: urgent, tense, thrilling

Music Mood Graph

music mood graph

The first thing I do when composing for a video game is choose a handful of moods. I made this graph from the moods listed on AllMusic to make it easier to find just the right one.
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USB/Magnetic Tape Cassette Hybrid

tape cassette with USB built in
tape cassette in case

This hybrid music recording format was designed and built for a 2-song release. The format has dual function as both a USB flash storage drive and a traditional cassette tape. The release is short enough in duration that it does not require much magnetic tape, which frees up enough room inside the cassette to install a USB flash drive and connector.